Tips On Car Insurance


Liability car insurance is necessary to complete. Otherwise, the car is not allowed. The premiums are often based on the vehicle (in the case of cars/station wagons mostly on the engine power in kW, but other criteria are also possible) and the amount of the coverage. Various discounts and surcharges are also possible. The offers can be found in the “company tariffs”, further – “individual” – agreements are potential.


A unique feature of the premium calculation in liability insurance is the bonus-malus system. Accordingly, the amount of the premium is determined according to the course of the damaging events. Someone who registers their vehicle for the first time generally starts at basic level nine of 18. A claim leads to a shift back by three premium levels. If you want to keep the current bonus level, you can pay for the damage yourself. Whether this makes sense depends on the amount of damage.

The premium paid in good time is a prerequisite for benefits from the insurance contract. In the event of a delay, please pay in immediately. Otherwise, there may be a risk of non-performance


Before the initial discussion with the provider, you should make it clear what ” risk ” you represent for the insurance company. The lower the risk, the more likely you are to be accepted as a new customer. For example: if you are a bonus driver, civil servant, 40 years old, you have a better chance of getting cheap premiums than a driver license holder, school student, 19 years old.


These are not subject to the well-known bonus-malus system! On the other hand, fixed premiums are usually cheaper than “normal premiums” – so compare and think carefully! Above all: what will the tip look like in five years? Who guarantees that the insurance will not terminate me in the event of a claim?


Comprehensive insurance, legal protection or other insurances (e.g. occupant accident) are voluntary in contrast to liability. Often, however, the total premium is cheaper if it is taken out as a “package” with liability insurance. Even if you are already known as an excellent long-term customer in other lines (household, life insurance, etc.), this can be advantageous in the premium negotiations. However, one must note the different terms and termination dates.

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