Vintage Gear You Should Buy At A Car Show

No matter what kind of car show you go to, you are sure to find a couple of stands selling vintage car accessories or other gear. Vintage car items are now more collectable than ever before. But, of course, you don’t want to fill your home with clutter that you don’t need. Here are a couple of things that you should look out for next time you go to a car show.

Classic Car Magazines

Car magazines go back to the first motor cars. These days, old car magazines fetch a lot of money. It is easy to assume that only comic magazines fetch considerable sums of money, but that is not true. Look out for magazines that are in good condition and cover both trucks and cars.

Picking up bargains means that you can go ahead and sell them for a profit later.

Car Accessories That Have Become Collectable

Car accessories are so hot that specialist auctions have sprung up all over the place. Not everyone who sells second car parts or accessories know the value of what they have got. That is particularly true of old radios and even car interiors such as seats.

Car radios are relatively easy to restore and car seats are popular for when it comes to re-purposing. Second hand back seats make great vintage sofas and car panelling is easy to turn into tables and other pieces of smaller furniture.

Vintage Posters and Dealer Signs

Yes, there is a huge market for vintage posters and car dealer signs. Good quality ones are hard to come across. When you do, and you have extra cash to spend, you should snap them up. Hang on to them for a couple of years and then you can list them on an auction site or even take them to a physical auction.

The way we look at cars and car accessories, is quickly changing. The car is not a thing of the past yet, but it is quickly becoming a museum object.

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